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The Faith & Media Initiative is a founding member of the Coalition for Faith & Media, a global partnership that brings together a diverse set of culture makers and thought leaders – stakeholders spanning the worlds of diverse faith groups, local and national journalism, entertainment, academia and research, business, and civil services to spur innovative change. 

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A resource program for faith organizations, media organizations, and citizen journalists helping to build confidence, forge vital relationships and uncover new perspectives and more storytelling opportunities. To learn more about our workshops and programs designed to support faith leaders and media members, join the Faith & Media Initiative email list.

Live events are the best way to experience collaboration and innovation in action. From panel conversations, sharing data and resource pooling from industry experts, our events bring the Faith & Media Initiative mission to life through engaging conversation, shared experiences and learning. Sign up for event alerts.

The strength of the Faith & Media Initiative comes from a global community of diverse, bright minds. Looking for insights from our research? Interested in donating to these efforts? Want to join our Coalition? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at Or complete the form below.

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