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A Downward Spiral of Mistrust.

63% of faith-related content is rooted in controversy. Why is this?

Faith leaders often lack the interest, training, or confidence to effectively communicate with the media. And media members lack the time, resources, and training to report accurately on faith, leaving them to chase “clicks for cash” in an algorithm-driven media landscape.

These consistently negative portrayals of faith have created a sizeable rift and deep distrust between faith leaders, media members and content creators. Often, both sides are reluctant to engage.

The effect on the public is even more troubling – controversy is miscommunicated, the best faith-related content is left out of mainstream media, and potential readers turn to other sources for content important to them.


Flipping Divisions into Partnerships

Our initiative brings faith leaders and media members together around shared interests and mutual goals. Together, we:

  • Foster open, public dialogue about faith
  • Provide consumers relevant, high-quality content
  • Inspire more frequent faith stories
  • Restore public trust in the media
  • Position faith as a valuable resource to society

The Radiant Foundation

Champions of a Faith-Filled World
We believe humanity is at its best when we’re connected with the Divine. So we’re dedicated to inspiring individuals, communities, and society to live faith-filled lives in all their beautiful varieties.