New HarrisX: Global Faith & Media Study

A groundbreaking study of attitudes and perceptions about faith and religion in the media

When faith and media work together, society benefits.

“Media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family.”
–Pope Francis

“NGOs, labor leaders, faith-based organizations, religious a critical and diverse set of roles in societal development.”
-Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

Together, we tell a greater story.

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A Mission to Unite

84% of humankind identifies with a religion* – it’s a deep part of our identities and worldviews. Yet most stories about faith are negative, sensational or divisive. 

Our initiative brings together faith leaders, media members and content creators around shared interests, helping them create, collaborate and reach larger audiences. Joining forces, we can do more to heal divisions and promote understanding, inspire more balanced faith stories, and foster a healthy conversation about spirituality. 

* Pew study, 2017

Creating Change Together

We promote more thoughtful, more plentiful faith-related stories that inspire a healthy public conversation about spirituality. 

Defined by Our Community

The Faith & Media Initiative connects a global network of thought leaders, culture makers and influencers dedicated to fostering a closer relationship between faith and media, and nurturing what is best in humankind.

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