Faith & Media:
A Mission to Unite

When it comes to communicating with the media, faith leaders often cite their own lack of resources or media savvy as the biggest challenges to collaborating effectively. Members of the media also cite a lack of time, resources and limited opportunities to interact with members of diverse faiths as challenges on their side. The end result is that people in these industries are reluctant to engage, leading to incomplete, inaccurate or even negative portrayals of faith in news and entertainment.

The effect on the public is significant. 61% of people worldwide say the media’s approach to religion perpetuates faith-based stereotypes rather than address and protect them. And, 43% of people believe the media’s current approach to faith storytelling creates unease and anxiety.

Providing Connection & Healing Divisions

Our initiative brings faith and media together around shared interests and mutual goals. Together, we:

  • Create accurate, meaningful, and nuanced faith storytelling

  • Foster open, public dialogue about spirituality and diverse faiths

  • Work to restore trust between faith, media, and the public

  • Position media and faith as valuable resources to society

A Connection the World is Waiting for

84% of humankind affiliates with religion. It occupies a large space in the spectrum of people’s lives. At the same time, for many people, society feels fragile. Economic uncertainty, social division, and conflict have left individuals, families, companies, and governments seeking more.

The Faith & Media Initiative values the power and potential that both media and faith have to drive change and foster a more robust, resilient world – but we have to act now. We believe that the stability, strength, and confidence of our societies will only improve by bringing faith and media closer together.

With a belief that faith is key to a thriving society, The Radiant Foundation is dedicated to inspiring individuals, communities, and society to live faith-filled lives in all their beautiful varieties.

The Faith & Media Initiative is a program of the Radiant Foundation.

Brooke Zaugg

Faith & Media Initiative

Executive Director

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