The current faith and media landscape – and how we got here

A global AI study scouring  30+ million documents assessing global trends – and their origins.

For better, not worse – why faith and media need each other

A look at the relationship between these two pillars and the opportunities that lie ahead.

NEW – HarrisX 2022 Survey

A global study of over 9,000 people reveals a growing desire for more accurate representation of faith.

NEW – The Faith and Media Index

A new platform with groundbreaking data and insights that reflect what's happening at the intersection of faith and media.

Research & Data

We’re dedicated to global research initiatives for original insights on the landscape of faith and media, for the early identification of trends and opportunities, and to build a robust database for sourcing content and content creators. 

The Faith & Media Index

A new platform of groundbreaking data and insights that reflect what’s happening at the intersection of faith and media.

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The Deforestation of Faith

An in-depth look at an AI-based, global study by consulting firm Davis & Partners, analyzing over 30 million documents across social media platforms, news and forums to illustrate the challenges facing media and faith communities – as well as identifying solutions for bridging the gap between the two sectors.

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Coming Together or Coming Apart: An Analysis of Resilience and Freedoms of Media and Religion

An immersive report by Fund for Peace that investigates how to build resilience at the intersection of media and religion.

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HarrisX: The Global Faith & Media Study

The largest-ever global study in 18 countries and 6 languages looking at the portrayal of religion in the media reveals high consumer demand across the world for more diverse, complex faith stories, along with roadblocks among journalists and editors. 

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